Women’s tech accessories, Monogram Iphone 6 Plus case, Aztec Iphone 6s case, Tribal iPhone 6 case (1381) by ToGildTheLily

15,99 USD This girl’s aztec phone case design has a distinct hand drawn tribal pattern as the background.

< br/ > I will complete the design with your monogram in a circle block font. This makes a wonderful added to your tech device closet and is very girly in tones of mint, pink and maroon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~< br/ > Introducing our NEW premium monogrammed Iphone cases. These exceptional cases have an image that wraps around the sides and the top.

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www.etsy.com/shop/ToGildTheLily< br/ > – Include your name or preliminary (s) when you checkout so I can individualize this monogrammed Iphone case for you
– Please put your initials in the precise order you want them to appear on your monogram phone case
< br/ > * Monograms are typically in order of first, LAST, middle name. i.e. if you are Bobby Sue Lawson then your monogram is bLs

– I am not available weekends and vacations to answer convos/ e-mails or work on orders. I will respond to asap the next company day.

Thank you for visiting my store!

… Information …

– Offered for the iPhone 4/ 4s/ 5/ 5s/ 5c/ 6/6 Plus/ 6s/ 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S3/ S4/ S5/ S6/ S6 Edge only./ > * does not overlap the screen and offers minimal protection

– Hard case.-a two in one case for double defense. – a hard plastic outer candy shell snaps around an inner rubber liner
– both plastic shell and rubber liner overlap the screen for the most security
– inner rubber liner provided in black rubber only

The plastic cases must be thought about a vanity case as they offer minimal security (however much better than a bare phone). If you are cautious and no children are having fun with your phone, this case should be fine for you.

< br/ > I prefer the difficult case as it provides double layers for the supreme defense.

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