Wood Stamp 187 by TATAindianwoodstamps

13,50 USD

Wood Stamp magnificently hand sculpted all the way from India. It is constructed out thick durable difficult wood made use of for fabrics, pottery designs, and printing on paper and/ or fabric. This wood stamp can be made use of for anything that has a surface: fabric, paper, wallpaper, clay … This wood stamp was handpicked from a small store in India. If you look carefully, you can see the hand carving marks. They are really tough and oh so pretty.

This is a huge complex mirrored design of a large stylized flower. This is a classic indian design.

View this brief video on how these stamps are made in India, and how they utilize them to wood block print on fabric. It’s rather extraordinary.


Here are the dimensions:

Width: 2 1/2 & quot; inches
Height: 2 & quot; & quot;
inches Depth: 1 1/2 & quot; inches

can be acquired at Etsy for TATAindianwoodstamps