wool woodland rabbit family crochet amigurumi soft art bunnies by KippysSoMature

70,00 USD

home in the woodlands, this bunny household is going to the market … daddy lugs bunnykin in a little crochet bag.
caring crocheted of 100 % soft hand repainted wool and gently packed with soft fill, this bunny household has a mild primitive air about them, and are special made without any tails (that’s simply the special kind of family they are) … a household of one of a kind originals

this listing is consists of the family: Bunny Papa, Mother, Infant with crochet bag

The family is all 100 % Koigu handpainted wool:
Dad is milk chocolate tones 4 & quot; & quot; tall/ 6.25 & quot; including ears Mom is darker chocolate shades 3 & quot; tall/ 4.5 & quot; including ears Baby is darker chocolate shades 2 & quot; & quot; tall/ 3 & quot; with ears crochet bag is greens, pumpkin and tans

This is a personal pattern, motivated by Japanese amigurumi bunnies, and was a pleasure to crochet. but took numerous many hours – this is the only I made.

this set is darling, however is a fiber art set and is meant to collectors, not constructed for youngsters … I leave it approximately the buyer who gets to play with the bunny (ies)

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