Zinc Size 11 Metal Seed Bead Approx 13 grams by beadsforever

8,50 USD

Zinc Metal Seed Beads, Size 11/0, around 13 grams in a small tube or bag. As you might know, metal beads are costlier than glass beads, however they are extremely uniform in size leading to a really rich looking piece of precious jewelry. They work especially well in bead weaving and bead embroidery.

These beads are solid metal. They begin with a brass base, then are heavily plated in the various finishes. Nearly all metals will tarnish and most plated metals will wear with time. Oil on our skin, humidity or exposure to the aspects, or extreme rubbing will accelerate this procedure. To decrease or avoid the plated finish from changing color or abrading. some recommend making use of a sealant such as Krylon or Permalac Sealer, Renaissance Wax, Future floor wax or other protectant/ sealer. Metal seed beads all have a seam and on an extremely couple of beads (mainly the larger size 6 size), the seam is not closed properly. These few beads have to be disposed of.

Metal seed beads been available in a range of 14 various colors and all colors will be available in my shop.

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