ZoLtAr FoRtUnE TeLLeR Crystal Ball Pendant Necklace Clear Rock Quartz Sterling Silver Choose Large Sphere 20mm or small 15mm Oddity Unusual by GriffinsNestJewelry

39,78 USD

Real Rock Crystal Quartz in a best sphere, carved and polished into a best circle.
A real Crystal Ball to use on black silk cord or 18inch silver tone ball/ link chain.
Hands of Zoltar the Foreteller are made from Sterling Silver. Hands encircle an Authentic earth mine clear quartz crystal.
Unisex Pendant Locket in your choice of sizes; huge 20mm or smaller sized 15mm size.

A range of sizes to fit your design.
Giant Quartz Crystal with & quot; & quot; things & quot; inside.
Select your crystal ball or i can pick for you.
I found more than one with a rainbow reflecting off a healed fracture within, one has a tip of pink, another has tiny water droplets recorded inside. All are lovely and truly unique.

Are you creepy and kooky, strange and spooky?
Come get your Fortune Tellers Crystal Ball Pendant.

ZoLtAr FORETELLER Crystal Ball Pendant Locket Clear Rock Quartz Sterling Silver Pick Huge Sphere 20mm or small 15mm Quirk Unusual

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