Air Plant Tabletop Garden: Tillandsias on Cork Bark wood by Plantzilla

65,00 USD

Gorgeous tillandsias thoroughly attached to a beautiful piece of driftwood. There are 10 thoroughly arranged plants of 8 different ranges of tillandsia species, completely attached to the natural cork tabletop piece. Virgin cork bark is a lightweight, sustainable, eco-friendly, and eco-friendly natural resource- no trees are cut or ruined. Care is basic, immerse the piece in water plant side down two times a week. The cork bark is rot resistant and may be dampened also, though the air plants would prefer it not be wet all the time. Only location the piece in its irreversible location when completely dry. Cork bark procedures roughly 10 & quot; & quot; x 5 & quot;, with the plants extending the display. Unpackaging and care guidelines will be supplied. This charming piece of living art will ship USPS concern with delivery verification.

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