Black & White Cat With Heart Handmade On Square Ceramic Dish / Bowl by Gracie by GoodNiteGracie

9,50 USD

Original Cat Designs by Ceramic Artist
Grace M. Smith

Handmade Square Dish

A Decorative Accent Or Great For Feline Food or Sweet, Modification, Trinkets, Jewelry, Spoonrest, Soap Dish, and so on

. Dishwasher Safe

Although I hand pour the majority of my pieces, this fantastic dish was poured by another ceramic studio for me. It was made in a plaster mold using ceramic slip (liquid clay). As the plaster removes water from the slip, the piece tighten enough to be removed from the mold. It is cleaned and fired in a kiln to become bisque. I draw my design in pencil on the bisque piece and making use of underglazes, it is then painted in a watercolor manner and fired once again. After it cools, normally 24 hours, it is glazed inside and out with a clear lead-free glaze and refired in the kiln. Due to the fact that all of the design work is done under the glaze, it is dishwasher safe.

Size: 5 & quot; & quot; X 5 & quot; X 1-1/ 8
& quot; Deep Grace’s work has actually been included in numerous juried arts and crafts reveals throughout Michigan and several states. She has victoried awards for her work and been included in lots of Invitational and Museum Reveals. Every design is original and copyrighted by the artist. Since each piece is handmade, no two are precisely alike.

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