Tree Saver Towels – Berry Patch – Reusable, Eco-Friendly, Snapping Paper Towel Set – Cotton and Terry Cloth by mamamade

52,00 USD

These towels prepare TO SHIP!!

The print you are buying can be seen in the FIRST and SECOND images (not the sushi set) – Terrycloth color MAY VARY (the extra pictures showcase samples of previously made sets).

Make a resolution to stop utilizing paper towels and switch to fabric!

I stopped utilizing paper towels years back, and have actually not looked back (and I have 3 boys!). Tree Saver Towels, reusable & quot; & quot; paper & quot; towels, or unpaper towels are the best replacement to purchasing paper that is only used when and thrown out.


** Each set has TWELVE 10 & quot; & quot; x11 & quot;

towels ** Towels are made from a 100 % cotton print (the print you will receive is featured in the FIRST AND SECOND photos) and backed with a lavish and thirsty 100 % cotton terry cloth (much like a wash cloth). All materials are prewashed to minimize shrinking and prepare to use best from the plan.

** Each towel has 3 snaps on each side. The middle snap keeps the roll from & quot; & quot; sagging & quot; and supports the increased weight of the towel. Snaps are poly-resin and set with an industrial press. Made to stand up to numerous snaps/ un-snaps and harsh washing conditions, the snaps are likewise gentle enough that they will certainly not scratch surface areas while cleaning.

** All twelve towels fit perfectly on any existing cardboard towel tube utilizing the 3 consisted of snap adapters. If you have a set of the flannel and birdseye towels I have actually sold in the past, they will likewise fit with these towels (you could alternate them for the perfect set-up!)

** Device washable, clothes dryer safe. I do not recommend making use of any material softener on any of my items as it can lower the absorbency of the towels. Vinegar (placed in the rinse cycle or a & quot; & quot; Downy & quot; sphere) is an ecologically and family-friendly item that softens clothes and removes any smells!

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