Break The Rules And Mix Your Metals

Break The Rules And Mix Your Metals

How do you accessorize in the morning? Do you pile it on, or are your jewels more carefully selected, each metal matching the next?

Somewhere at some point someone decided there should be an unwritten rule against mixing metallics. No gold and silver, no copper and bronze. Personally, I strongly believe that rules — especially fashion rules — were made to be broken and that jewels of all tones, piled high or minimally adorned, can look incredible together.

Silver, pewter, and copper pop against rich black velvet, with dashes of turquoise and gemstones sprinkled in for good measure. Make your hands the focal point of your look by choosing rings in a variety of sizes and shapes, and stacking statement bracelets on top of a unique handpiece.

Get the look: Hexagon Stone Ring, Desert Ghost Ring, Stone Cluster Square Ring, Lateefa Cuff, Shine and Stud Cuff, Three Points Hand Chain, Mix N Match Midi Ring Set, Queen Of Diamonds Burnout Mini.

If you’re new to the metallic mix, choose pieces that incorporate a variety of metals in their design. Silver inlaid with gold, gemstones against copper, rings sparkling with brightly colored pearls, all play off each other to create an assemblage of color and texture. Like sculpture for your hands.

Get the look: Open Crescent Ring, Hexagon Stone Ring, Desert Ghost Ring, Stacking Ring Trio, Shapes Midi Rings, Silver Shield Statement Necklace, Chainmail CuffShine and Stud Cuff, Circle in the Sand Tee.

A stack of statement bracelets becomes one when you choose unique shapes and cuts that compliment one another. These three fit together as if they were made that way, creating the illusion of a major statement piece.

Get the look: Theurgy Ring, Etched Band Ring, Zuma Ring, Time Keeper Quartz Bracelet, Theurgy Cuff, Moon Open Palm Cuff, Golden Nugget Top.

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