Buttered Fried Parsnips

Buttered Fried Parsnips

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 55 mins
  • Servings: 4
  • About This Recipe

    “Parsnips are one of the vegetables I think I ought to like; they are a locally grown vegetable, available all winter after all. But I never managed to be terribly enthusiastic about them until this recipe came along.”


  • 2lbsparsnips
  • salt & pepper
  • 4tablespoonsbutter
  • 1tablespoonparsley, Chopped
  • 1/8 teaspoonnutmeg
  • Directions

  • Wash, trim and scrape the parsnips.
  • Cut into uniform pieces and boil in salted water, 25 to 30 minutes or until tender.
  • Drain well, and let dry.
  • Just before serving, heat the butter in a skillet and saute over moderate heat until light brown on all sides, letting the parsnips caramelize a little in their own sugar. It is best if you have a large enough pan that they can be cooked in a single layer.
  • Season with the nutmeg, salt and pepper and serve in a warm vegetable dish, garnished with parsley.
  • Reviews

  • “These are excellent!!!Everyone at the table enjoyed them,, even the ones who hate parsnips!I didn’t have any nutmeg so I added a little rosemary.”

  • “I had parsnips all the time growing up. Used this recipe to introduce my family to them. Everyone loved them, but the problem was…I should have made a double batch!”

  • “I purchased two large parsnips. One was so tough I could not cut it. So I had one left. I cut in thin rounds and followed the recipe.I sauteed in butter and sprinkled with a little paprika to brown. No one wanted the nutmeg so I left it off. This is good. Parnips are expensive in this area. I would make again if the cost comes down. Thanks for posting!”

  • “Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!I haven’t had parsnips in 30 years (my MIL used to make them, and they were always sauteed and undercooked)I’m a convert.These were creamy and just delicious.I’ll be buying them regularly.I’m trying to add more veges to our (or MY) diet.”

  • “My mother would make them like this only mash the parsnips, make into pattys, then fry in butter. Very good. “

  • “My mom and I had these as a side for lunch today – – first time eating parsnips for both of us!We loved it, and she’s taking the recipe home with her.Thanks for posting!”

  • “Wonderful recipe! I had been wondering what to do with my parsnips and now I know. One piece of advice though, don’t overcook the parsnips. It’s easy to do and they don’t fry as well if they’re too soft. “

  • “I have loved parsnips cooked this way all my life,it is the way my mother cooked them also.Most people dont know how sweet and good they can be.We never tried adding nutmeg,but I will the next time.They are best browned in bacon drippings,but not healthy.”