Creamy Chicken & Broccoli

Creamy Chicken & Broccoli

  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Total Time: 50 mins
  • Servings: 4-6
  • About This Recipe

    “This can be made with other veggies instead of broccoli, Our son doesn’t like broccoli, for him I make with pea pods or carrots.”


  • 1lbboneless skinless chicken breast, cut into strips
  • 1headbroccoli, cut into florets
  • 1canchicken broth
  • 0.75 (8ounce) packages cream cheese
  • 1teaspoongarlic, chopped
  • 1smallred bell pepper, diced or strips
  • 1/2 teaspoonpepper
  • 2tablespoonsbutter
  • 1lbbow tie pasta, cooked
  • Directions

  • Melt butter and add chicken, cook till done.
  • Remove chicken from pan.
  • add broth, broccoli, red pepper, garlic& pepper.
  • Cook till tender, add chicken.
  • Cook additional 2-3 minutes.
  • Add cooked bowties and cook another 1-2 minutes.
  • Stir in cream cheese till melted.
  • Serve.
  • Reviews

  • “This is just superb!Exactly my type of dish, the colours were great, and the flavour mmm mmmm. Will be making this again and again and…..=)”

  • “This was an easy delicious recipe. The red peppers really added that extra flavor it needs. My husband really enjoyed it and thats what counts most…its a keeper”

  • “This was easy to make and everyone enjoyed it.I used a 12 ounce bag of bow tie pasta and we had plenty of pasta in the dish with that amount.The only thing I did different in the directions and that was to add step 7 before number 4.This way it was easier to stir and melt the cream cheese.I was not sure if LuvsCookin intended the cream cheese package to be the 3 oz or 8 oz size but I used the 8 oz size.We salted to our taste at the table.Thanks I’ll be making this one again. “

  • “This is yummy!I added some pecarino cheese (1/4 cup) and also put the cream cheese in prior to the pasta which did make it easier to incorporate.Thanks for a change of pace for dinner.”

  • “Easy and yummy!
    I upped the garlic for our taste.Also added some chicken seasoning blend to the raw chicken before cooking- gave it a nice taste.Sauteed the bell peppers before adding the stock and broccoli.I also took the advice of other raters and stirred in the cream cheese before the pasta.
    I used philly cooking creme- so it came out runny.I just fixed my substitution by putting a little corn starch in the dish- worked great.
    Topped with 3 cheese Italian blend for extra cheesiness.”

  • “Great! So easy and healthy! I also used the whole package of lowfat cream cheese and it was good. Next time I will add more chicken and maybe spinach and more garlic for more flavor. Loved it! Thanks!”

  • “I added 4 cloves of garlic to mine and wow was this good.Thanks for a great and easy recipe!”

  • “I liked the way the vegetables turned out – cooking them in the broth was a new technique (14 oz can). I was told that the red pepper didn’t “go.” However, I used mostly garden-grown yellow pepper strips which were quite bitter (more like a green pepper). I might keep the red pepper but not substitute another type. I also received comments that there wasn’t enough “sauce.” A full-blown alfredo sauce would probably have been better. I thought this was a little bland and could have benefitted from additional herbs or spices. The chicken was especially bland. (I do use unsalted butter for cooking.)”

  • “My husband really liked this!I thought it was good – but he REALLY liked it so it will become a regular in the house.It was simple and quick to make.I modified as follows:about 12 oz dry wheat pasta – cooked and included as described — made 4 really large servings.I also used about 4 large cloves of garlic — 1/2 added to chicken when cooking — the other half added with the broccoli etc.Also used lower fat cream cheese and didn’t miss anything but calories….”

  • “This was really great! I’m not generally a huge fan of white sauces but I really liked this. I doubled the recipe and sauted my chicken in olive oil instead of butter. Used vegan cream cheese (milk allergy) and no yolk egg noodles just because I didn’t have two pounds of the same pasta on hand. Kids inhaled it, I inhaled it, DH inhaled it…Need I say more? Thanks Lali!”

  • “Great recipe. I used penne pasta instead of the bow tie and it was great. Next time I think I will use the entire 8 oz pkg of cream cheese to make it a little creamier for our family’s taste. Will definitely make again!”

  • “This was really good! I used low fat cream cheese and served over whole wheat spaghetti noodles. Also, I added the cream cheese to the broth and veggies to melt down easier. Chicken was tossed back in last, after incorporating the noodles. Thanks for sharing this recipe!”

  • “This was quite yummy. It was very easy and since I have only two to cook for we can have leftovers tomorrow night.Thanks Lali. I will be making this again.”

  • “Made it for the family and it is so easy to cook and everyone loved it.It is a pretty dish.Next try we are going to leave out the cream cheese and replace it with flax seed oil.My guess is it will be more health and not as delicious.great recipe–thanks”

  • “This was delicious Lali.I used regular spag noodles for DH because I had some prepared already.For mine (lower cal) I used Shirataki tofu noodles, it worked wonderfully!Also used non-fat cream cheese.I added extra garlic and some italian seasoning and garlic salt.This tasted wonderful and was a nice presentation.Can be versatile and made “healthier” as well…going in my permanant stack!”

  • “really easy & good.All items are normal things in my pantry.I used olive oil instead of butter and added a shake of parmesan cheese to the top after it was plated. Yum!”

  • “This deserves a 5 for ease of preparation, economy and the fact that it is very kid friendly.It’s a nice family meal.”

  • “This was fantastic. Very simple to make with ingredients we usually have on hand. Only thing I didn’t have was a red bell pepper so I added crushed red pepper flakes instead. This added a nice bit of spice. I used all 8 oz of the cream cheese, and a pound of broccoli. Since I used light cream cheese, I had to thicken the sauce up a bit with a cornstarch slurry. Worked like a charm, and tasted great with fresh parmigiana to top it off. Thanks for posting!”

  • “Great recipe.Had to use no fat cream cheese because of my IBS.Turned out really good anyway.Also, took your advice and used carrots instead of broccoli.Will be making this again soon.Thanks for a wonderful meal. “

  • “DELISH.. what a great meal with very little prep time.The sauce was nice and creamy without requiring constant stirring.Extra garlic is a must for me so I doubled it, at least, also marinated the chicken in some garlic.I also added the cream cheese sooner (used a reduced fat version) and left the chicken in the entire time, tasted great.”