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2) Size image SPECIFIC plus 1 / 2-inch fabric border for 5×5 and larger, a 1/4-inch border for smaller images.

3) Total size PATCH no more than state the patch size you want using the above border dimension listed.

This image conj-ours up much imagery figuratively and literally. It is a great work of art in a lifetime discovery of one’s place in this universe.

Giclée works of art make great connections to what you care about, and for whom you care to share with, and makes for a small expression to the individual you are. Fabric border and interfacing make this an ideal collectible sew on patch, frame able, tacked to the wall as a fabric poster, sewn into a pillow, quilt, jacket for the garment industry, or embellishes arts and crafts projects.

Ravish All Occasion art fashion décor perfect for your next clothing outfit or for your photo framing craft project of this printed easy-to-sew-on handmade patch. No minimums required. One price postage Free shipping in USA or Reduced postage discount to Everywhere else. Easy to wash. Money back guarantee.

Zoom picture for image height-to-width ratio. Size listed in Title or Use Select a Size (by Price) feature above the Overview. Image size is an approximate, proportional, estimate.

New Opportunity Come A-Knockin ‘: Grab ideas from Theme listed in Title or Snap up Store Category links by Genre or Dabble in a personalized CraftersSupplies Store Search Bar for your own use.

Capitalize on your self creativity: Choose to email me picture link or upload custom ready-to-copy artwork for no additional fees, no minimums. Image Sizing up to 10.66 inches wide or 16.66 inches tall. One price postage. Custom order at your ready.

Calculate Imperial measurement: 2.54 centimeters equals 1 inch.

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