Doughnut Poser ~ By Posey Pillow NEW !! by PoseyPillow

47,99 USD

Doughnut Poser by Posey Pillow

Aproximate Dimensions:
17.5 & quot; & quot; Outside Size
9 & quot; & quot; Inside Size
5 & quot; & quot; Ring Size (hight)

Posey Pillow items do NOT featured beanbag fill or rice. Kindly see our beanbag fill page for more information on the best ways to fill and where to buy beanbag fill.

Made from vinyl with zipper closure

Use to position babies on it’s own wrapped in your favorite material or blanket, place in bottom of baskets, tubs or bowls.

This item works very well when loadeded with Polly Fill (regular pillow batting), Requires aprox 23 oz to fill well

Можно buy on Etsy for PoseyPillow