Easy Fish Stew

Easy Fish Stew

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 26 mins
  • Servings: 6
  • About This Recipe

    “Very easy and quick with good taste–make it as spicy as you wish. from Cooking Light.”


  • 1tablespoonolive oil
  • 1cupchopped onion
  • 1/4 cupchopped celery
  • 1teaspoonchili powder
  • 1 1/2 cupsfrozen whole kernel corn
  • 1tablespoonWorcestershire sauce
  • 1 (14 1/2 ounce) cans no-salt-added diced tomatoes, undrained
  • 2cupswater
  • 1lbcod, cut into bite size pieces( or other lean white fish fillets)
  • 1/4 cupchopped parsley
  • cayenne pepper
  • salt
  • Directions

  • Heat oil in a Dutch oven over medium high heat.
  • Add onion, celery and chili powder, sauté 3 minutes or until tender.
  • Stir in the corn, Worcestershire sauce, diced tomatoes, 2 cups water, cook for 10 minutes.
  • Add the fish, and cook for 3 minutes or until fish is done.
  • Taste and add salt and cayenne pepper to taste.
  • Stir in parsley.
  • Reviews

  • “A-MAZ-ING!!!Doubled the recipe and sure glad I did!!!I used tilapia instead of cod because it was on sale and used cilantro instead of regular parsley and it was great!Thank you!”

  • “It was very easy and very tasty!”

  • “It was easy and very tasty. Great recipe”

  • “I thought this was easy but I decided it would be lacking a hearty taste if not cooked longer.I added two bay leaves and used hot sauce instead of cayenne pepper. I also used dried parsley. I let it cook on simmer for 3 hrs.. I used 12 oz. frozen talapia and 4 oz. raw scallops that I let thaw in a leak proof baggy with creole seasoning in a pot of cold water, I added them for three minutes…Served with pannco crusted potato pancakes on top of stew, it was good! Thanks for the beginning of a good keeper recipe that I wouldn’t have had without your influence!”

  • “tastey, sure, but lacking in real depth. It seemed to call for hours of cooking, rather than minutes. If I try this again, I might use stock rather than water and definately will the the tomato mixture simmer for much longer than is indicated.”

  • “Easy to make, very tasty.Added some salt and used cilantro instead of parsley.Added a little more cumin.I will definitely make this again.”

  • “I thought this was a great way to use up some not so great Cod fish!I added cumin and garlic and replaced the parsley with cilantro and topped with plain yogurt.I was quite impressed!I think next time I might marinade the fish in lime, salt, pepper, cumin, and cilantro beforehand.”

  • “I made this a couple of nights ago for my boyfriend and myself, and we thought it was absolutely phenomenal. I did make some changes. I cut the recipe in half overall, used leeks instead of onions, more celery, fresh diced tomatoes, canned corn (not drained), and turbot for the fish. I also added cumin and garlic, and used paprika since we didn’t have cayenne on hand. I had to add a little water during cooking to get the right consistency. To serve, I sprinkled some mexican blend shredded cheese on top and we ate it using tortilla chips as spoons. In the future, I might use cilantro instead of parsley, and maybe serve with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of lime juice. Keeping in mind the earlier review concerning the fish being too dry, I only cooked the turbot in the stew for about 5 minutes, and it was perfectly tender and melt-in-your-mouth.”

  • “Okay, ratings are very subjective I know, but this was a 5 star recipe for me because of the following reasons: 1) Most important – I LOVED it!! 2) I loved the flavour and texture – I have to admit to being a bit dubious about the sweet corn, but when it was cooked, it was very tasty & worked with the chilli so well. 3) The recipe was well laid out and easy to follow. 4) It was simple to cook and was made very quickly for a last minute lunch. 5) The ingredients were store cupboard & freezer type, making it a simple last minute idea for a nourishing meal AND it is low fat too – which means I can have more French bread & butter!!!I only subbed one item – I am not cooking with cod anymore, they are being massively over fished & being caught when they are too young – so I used haddock. Everything else was exactly as stated in the recipe – it was a hearty soup, which I think you should re-name to “Easy Mexican Fish Stew”!! It was the tomatoes, sweet corn and chilli that did it!!I have saved this Derf – it was a winner for me! Thanks! FT”

  • “The recipe was easy enough to make, although I let it simmer for a couple of hours while I ran errands.Perhaps that was my mistake because the fish was too dry.I knew the recipe was far too bland, so I added tarragon, garlic powder, sage and thyme.It needed a lot of salt, so I was glad I did not try salt-free tomatoes.We had mixed opinions here.My husband loved it, my son liked it and my daughter asked for seconds.I ate the corn and tomatoes but left the fish.I wondered if potatoes or peppers would help the flavor and texture.Maybe chicken would be a better option as well.”