Easy punch

Easy punch

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 10 mins
  • Servings: 10
  • About This Recipe

    “Tastes great, just like champagne, for weddings luncheons, etc.”


  • 2 (1quart) bottles white grape juice
  • 2 (28ounce) bottles 7-Up soda
  • 1 (16ounce) bottles club soda
  • Directions

  • Mix ingredients.
  • Serve well chilled.
  • Reviews

  • “Has the taste and fizzle of real champaign.Is great especially for the cost and time it takes to make it.Have served it at weddings, showers, rehearsal dinners etc.”

  • “not to sweet and a gender neutral color. it was a hit!”

  • “This is really good.I made this to go with our dinner tonight and bought some plastic “wine glasses” for the kids to drink it in.They thought that was so funny.We really enjoyed the flavor of this, I plan on making it for Thankgsiving this year.Thank you for sharing your recipe with us.”

  • “Made this for my daughters wedding which was outside but didn’t want my grandkids to spill colored punch on their dresses which would stain. This punch worked perfectly.I made an ice ring with white grape juice and added lemon, limes, oranges and some fresh mint. I also added a bottle of the white cranberry juice and the juice squeezed from an orange to the punch. Everyone enjoyed this and wanted the recipe. In one punch bowl I did add some dry ice because it was so hot that day that the ice ring was melting fast. It added the steam and bubbles that enticed the kids. Thank you for a wonderful recipe.”

  • “I was looking for something to serve at my wedding that would mimic sparkling grape juice for a lower cost and this punch is perfect (and so much cheaper than spending $5 per bottle on the premade stuff). Served it at a dinner party last weekend and everyone kept refilling their glasses, so we will definitely serve it at the wedding reception.I didn’t use exact measurements – just poured about 2/5 grape juice, 2/5 7-up, & 1/5 club soda.I love that it’s clear, so no stains will end up on the church’s linens or on my wedding dress (why do I always spill when wearing white???)”

  • “It tasted okay, but I would say save yourself time and money and buy Welch’s sparkling juice in the champagne-like bottle.That’s what it tastes like to me.”

  • “We liked this punch, but next time may put a bit more white grape juice in. We dont like sugary punches, BUT a tad sweeter would have made it a five star recipe. It looks so fancy! Since I rarely drink alchohol, its nice to have a drink that looks so pretty. This is definately a keeper, try it, you’ll like it!”

  • “wonderful! I made this for thanksgiving dinner and it tasted just like champagne (or better?) and looked just as beautiful. I am adding this to my zaar stars cookbook and look forward to make it for many more holidays! thanks for sharing it. :)”

  • “”The punch is awesome!” raved my son’s friend.All the kids loved it.They liked how bubbly it was and were talking about how it burned.lol.The weirdest kid comment was, “even when you’re choking on it its good.”I’m not sure what that means.:)The adults liked it too.I served it for our community’s Birth of Baha’u’llah celebration.I used one can of Welch’s frozen white grape juice concentrate mixed with water up to about 2 quarts, a 2 liter bottle of 7-up, and a 12 ounce can of seltzer water.Thanks for the easy, yummy punch!”

  • “I had four bowls of punch at my wedding and two of them were this recipe. This was my non-alcoholic one and it went as fast the other. I looked for the white cranberry juice but couldn’t find it, I thought it was fine without it.”

  • “Great and refreshing!I too added 1/2 bottle of white cranberry juice for the extra tartness.Thanks for a nice drink everyone can have.”

  • “I wanted to serve something other than a red punch for my guests that abstained from alcohol at my holiday get-togethers.This worked perfectly, although we felt that it needed just a bit more “punch” and added about 1/2 of a large bottle of white cranberry juice to the mix for added tartness.We also froze a bag of fresh cranberries and floated them in the punch served in my vintage punch bowl instead of ice cubes or an ice ring.It was a nive festive touch.”

  • “Made today for a wedding shower and most thought it was pretty good.I personally thought it was a bit sweet but otherwise pretty good. “

  • “FABULOSO!!!!!!!!!! What a great treat this was! People drank and drank. I used ginger ale instead of 7up and froze a white grape juice “mold” in my bundt pan. People just loved the punch and the extra on hand will be used for new year’s.”

  • “This was a simple but refreshing punch to make – it was a sophisticated nonalcoholic punch to serve with our appetizers for a dine and dash party.”

  • “I was on the lookout for a delicious non-alcoholic punch to serve to some ladies I had invited for lunch yesterday and this fit the bill perfectly!Everyone loved it, and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to make it!Thanks!”

  • “Best punch ever! I searched and searched for a no-alcohol, refreshing, not-too-sweet, great-tasting punch recipe for a school event, and this is it! It received raves at the party by adults and teens alike. Hint – have all ingredients very cold ahead of time and make an ice ring or two out of additional white grape juice – it won’t water down the punch.Have plenty of ingredients on hand – it goes quickly!”

  • “This punch was a big hit at a recent bridal shower.It was delicious and very pretty served with an ice ring (made with the same ingredients found in the punch so as not to water down the punch).Used lemon, lime, and orange slices in the ice ring, which made for a very pretty presentation.I would highly recommend this punch!”

  • “This punch is simple to make, and it’s cost effective.Compare the cost of a large batch of this to the same amount of sparkling cider.This punch tastes great and looks classy.(Plus, a spill won’t result in a big red stain on the carpet!)”