Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 28–August 3

Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 28–August 3

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July 23–August 22

Planets in Leo have run-ins with Neptune and Mars this week, calling for you to adapt at certain points. First, the sun’s uncomfortable encounter with Neptune could pit a yearning for closeness and sharing against your drive to “do you”. Or someone may sort of disappear on you, causing you to have to adjust. Mercury’s entry into your sign facilitates self-examination and increases your ability to express your point of view. Your mind will get busier, and you’ll probably have the urge to travel and learn, especially when Mercury meets up with Jupiter. Although this pairing makes it easy to get carried away in your thinking, it can help you to conceptualize your personal journey. If you didn’t get a chance to write down any intentions on last week’s new moon, you might want to do that now. Broad strokes will come naturally, but details won’t, as Jupiter is lofty, not concrete. Unconscious behavior, domestic activity or an irritable mood could mar your optimism, and you might feel pushed into overreacting. Be mindful of the different forces at play.



August 23–September 22

Your ruler Mercury sneaks into your subconscious sector this week, livening up your imagination and helping you connect with hidden parts of yourself. Meditating, studying on your own and finding someplace quiet to think could appeal to you now. You may be inclined to keep your thoughts to yourself, perhaps even becoming a bit secretive. Bottling things up could backfire, though, when Mercury clashes with Mars in your communication house. You’re apt to blurt out the wrong thing at the wrong time under this influence. But Saturn is also in your communication house, which will hopefully temper your words somewhat. Try to slow down and be as straightforward and honest as possible. The Merc-Mars meeting might also spark a brainstorm, so keep track of your best ideas and insights. When Mars fights with Jupiter, part of you wants to be spiritual (and take the high road if you’re in a conflict), while part of you is more concerned with actions and information than broader meaning. Let faith and enthusiasm drive your thinking, but don’t push your views on someone else.



September 23–October 22

Your ruler Venus’s interactions are apt to set the tone for your week, creating a mix of challenge and ease. She’s at the top of your chart, luring you to shine in your career or in a public arena and helping you to attract success and positive attention. So you’re naturally focused on what you want to achieve in the world. But her squabbles with Pluto and Uranus hint that family, home life, your emotional state or a relationship could affect your ability to accomplish everything you want to. You’ll probably need to juggle and compromise to make it all work. However, Venus is in sync with Saturn in your value house, suggesting that financial goals, clear priorities, solid self-worth and practical concerns can keep you on track. With Mercury and Jupiter aligned in your group zone, your enthusiasm for networking, socializing, friendship, teamwork or philanthropy is bound to be high. Mars is giving those planets a rough time, so avoid trying to impose your values or priorities on others and keep an eye on spending and possessiveness.



October 23–November 21

With Venus in your exploration house, you’re drawn to difference and newness, but when she tussles with Pluto and Uranus this week, your mindset and responsibilities could dampen a desire to spread your wings. Still, Venus is harmonizing with Saturn in Scorpio, so with some planning and discipline, the sensation or experience you’re after will be within your grasp. Now that Saturn is moving forward again, it should be easier for you to feel good about where you’re headed. It’s just a question of balancing your immediate wants with some long-range factors. A Mercury-Jupiter meetup at the top of your chart also enhances a positive outlook on the future and will help you to conceptualize your goals. But Mars in Scorp is clashing with both these planets, so although your vision may inspire you to take action and you’ll have the necessary energy, your sense of timing and proportion is likely to be off. Jupiter tends toward excess, so it won’t be easy for you to moderate your behavior appropriately. Be aware of what you’re doing, and know when to take it down a notch.



November 22–December 21

It’s nice to have your ruling planet settled in the house in your chart where it’s happiest, and this week’s Mercury-Jupiter alliance will get you thinking (and possibly talking) about your horizon-broadening aspirations. If you’re swept away by a wave of enthusiasm in your head, consider putting your vision on paper, since Mercury is about words. Also, Jupiter and this house both rule publishing, hinting that writing something for potential publication would be a worthwhile venture. Mars throws a wrench into the week by fighting with Jupiter and Mercury. Given that Mars is the action planet, it would be wise to avoid overdoing and overreacting. You may be toiling away behind the scenes and find your current duties lacking compared to your lofty hopes. You might act against your own best interest now without meaning to, perhaps miscalculating a risk. If you feel agitated, face something in yourself instead of confronting others. And although spending time alone with someone you trust may not be the fun you had in mind, it will center you.



December 22–January 19

You may get a lesson in the art of compromise this week, when amiable Venus faces off against Pluto in Capricorn. Maintaining good relations will require keeping a powerful me-first urge in check. Pluto can feel so life-or-death that your survival instinct really kicks in when it’s in your sign. This intense planet stirs up stuff so deep inside you that the effect on people in your environment is also palpable. Venus is battling Uranus too, so disruptive emotions, family or home issues or a sense of being uprooted can also upset the equilibrium between you and others. Luckily, Venus is jibing with Saturn in your group house, implying that a spirit of teamwork and a respect for others will help make your interactions more pleasant. With Venus in your opposite sign, you have an appreciation for the people in your life and a desire to get along with them. Express those positive feelings to set a friendly, peaceful, affectionate tone. Don’t push for more sharing or closeness than someone seems willing to give, though.



January 20–February 18

When Venus contends with Pluto and Uranus this week, your rapport with colleagues, your health and your enjoyment of work and daily life could be affected. If you’re sweeping something like anxiety, anger or an emotional issue from the past under the rug, it could rear its head. And changes in your old way of thinking or in routine might unsettle you now. But Venus is gelling with Saturn in your ambition angle, so if you focus on long-term goals and how far you’ve come in the last couple of years, you’ll feel better about your current situation. Accept that you’ll need to continue being disciplined, diligent and responsible in order to have the life that you want. If you’re tempted to take immediate action to advance your career, know that there’s a danger of going overboard or missing the mark, especially if you’re trying to form some sort of partnership or alliance. You can learn a lot from someone, with Mercury and Jupiter paired up in your others angle, but their fight with Mars hints at the danger of going too far, so tread lightly.



February 19–March 20

Several of the planets are quarreling, and everyone’s week is apt to be affected to some degree. You may find it hard to pursue creativity, love and fun, due to erratic funds, group pressure or the need to focus on new goals. But a commitment to grow and become a more well-rounded person can nudge you to include personal pleasure in your agenda. When the sun in your work zone clashes with Neptune in Pisces, your job and other responsibilities could thwart escapist activities, and you’ll have to adjust to the reality of what needs doing. If you’re trying to travel, take classes or do something else to broaden your horizons, that will be tricky right now when you already have a lot on your plate. With Mars in your exploration house fighting Mercury and Jupiter, juggling could be stressful. Take advantage of the Mercury-Jupiter alliance by thinking about—and perhaps writing about—your aspirations related to work, health, fitness, habits, daily routine, skills and productivity. Take your enthusiasm for what you can accomplish and turn it into a detailed picture of how it will happen.



March 21–April 19

Part of you wants to feel settled and secure, and this mood may lead you to entertain at home, acquire something new for your place or relish simple comforts like good food. But Venus is doing battle with Pluto at the top of your chart and Uranus in your sign this week, so your desire for peace could conflict with your drive to achieve and your urge to shake up the status quo. However, she’s in sync with Saturn in your depth sector, suggesting that investing in a close relationship, working on a psychological issue or an intensive project or sharing your private emotions with someone you trust will reinforce a sense of being on track. Focus on something or someone you’re serious about in order to ground yourself, but don’t push too hard. With aggressive Mars in that same house jousting with excessive Jupiter in your fulfillment zone, it will be tough to find the right level of energy. Enjoy creative, spiritual or romantic inspiration; just maintain self-awareness in order to avoid taking something too far.



April 20–May 20

Although Venus is helping to make your thoughts and interactions pretty pleasant, her skirmishes with Pluto and Uranus this week may affect your state of mind. Pluto can introduce intensity, obsessiveness or a power struggle, while Uranus can throw a curveball into your train of thought or a conversation. Be willing to dig a little deeper with an opinion and perhaps shift your perspective. Be on the lookout for flashes of brilliance from your imagination, and also note how repressed urges influence your communication. Often what seems to be coming out of left field originated in your own unconscious. Venus is clicking with Saturn in your others angle, so talking about your feelings with someone close to you would be productive. If you need to have a big relationship talk, this might be a good time for it. Mercury and Jupiter are coming together at the bottom of your chart, increasing your optimism and underlying sense of wellbeing. Keep in mind that other people have their own free will, though, and their actions won’t always line up nicely with your feelings and wishes.



May 21–June 20

This week, Mercury zips into the house in your chart that rules Gemini-related matters such as thought, communication and information—an arrangement that should put you and your ruling planet at ease. Even better, Merc conjoins Jupiter, a pairing that promises inspiration, optimism, forward thinking, broader understanding, tolerance and perhaps travel. Your brain could get pretty inundated, and Gems don’t have a long attention span, so keep a record of the insights and ideas that you’d like to come back to later. Detailed thinking won’t be so easy now, as Jupiter tends to have an expansive effect. So when this pair clashes with doer Mars in your efficiency zone, combining big thoughts and talk with targeted action will be a real challenge, and you’re likely to bite off more than you can chew. Accept that your grand scheme for the future is not going to dovetail right this second with your job, your daily routine or your current reality. A person, circumstance or event may drive that point home, but resist overreacting. Your hopes aren’t being dashed. You just need to practice patience.



June 21–July 22

With Venus in your sign, you have the ability to draw in what you desire. But this week, Venus struggles with heavyweights Pluto and Uranus, complicating matters. An authority figure—such as your boss or a parent—and someone close to you—such as a good friend or your significant other—may seem to have the ability to prevent you from getting exactly what you want. It’s not an altogether good feeling for someone to have power over you, but it’s hard to shake, with these planets sort of boxing you in. You may need to modify what you’re after, in light of shifting circumstances or a lack of cooperation. But your happiness is still in your hands. Venus is harmonizing with Saturn in your fulfillment zone, implying that you can work for what you want. Take yourself seriously; have a clear understanding of your heart’s desire and a plan for giving it form; and commit to an authentic expression of what’s inside you, whether that be a creative project, a romantic relationship or something else altogether.


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Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 28–August 3 Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 28–August 3 Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 28–August 3 Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 28–August 3 Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 28–August 3

Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 28–August 3
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