Homemade Hair Volumizer

Homemade Hair Volumizer

My hair has a mind of it’s own. It’s long, thick, and kind of just does whatever it wants to. One day my locks will be extra wavy, but then the next, they will be flat as a board. Product wise, I don’t use much. Maybe some sea salt spray here or there, or a little dry shampoo, but normally I go all natural. I don’t particularly like the days when my hair wants to lay flat, but I hate the feel of hair spray or mouse drowning my hair to give it volume. When I found out there was a way to get voluminous hair with very little effort and product, I had to try it out.

All you need are two things:

Conditioner + Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is made up of two minerals: Magnesium and Sulfate. It has long been used as a natural remedy to treat ailments, and has a number of health benefits.

You can use any sort of conditioner, but I like to make my own whenever I can for a more natural route. Check out an awesome recipe here!

When the two ingredients are combined, it creates the perfect recipe for an amazing hair volumizer!

Combine equal parts Epsom salt with equal parts conditioner.

Stir until the salt is combined with the conditioner, then transfer the mixture to a container to store it in. Next time you take a shower, work the mixture into your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Once your hair is dry, it should feel thicker and look more voluminous! Continue to style it whatever way you please :). Do you have any secret remedies for adding volume to your hair? Let us know in the comments!

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