Ink Bottles Skrip’s Inkwell Bottle Ink Bottles Glass Rustic Antique by Modred12

24,00 USD

This is a collection of small ink bottles. I like the appearance of the Skrip’s bottle, it has a second area so you would not dip you ink pin too deep, really special. The patent dates from the late 1920s, so it dates from this time to the mid-century, although due to the condition of the lid I would put it as earlier. The lid does not turn quickly and does have some holes. The bottle itself looks helpful for it’s age and is marked PAT D 1759866 on the bottom. The tall one with the red cover has the mark of Fairmount Glass works, so it dates from the 30s-60s. The red lid is cracked, esp along the side, however the bottle does look terrific. The one without a cover does have a marking, I believe it is an I in a circle, however I am uncertain. It I’m proper it’s from Owens-Illinois Glass Company, if I’m not, your guess is as great as mine. It has no condition issues. This is a fantastic little trio of containers reasonably priced.

The highest is 3 1/2 & quot; inches, the largest is 2. & quot;

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