petite paisley print three pull drawer box for jewelry, beads, supplies, doll furniture, display and shipping by Ziporgiabella

5,00 USD

You will certainly get one small multi-colored paisley print 3 pull drawer box. The box can be used for your jewelry sales, beads, screen, or delivering your special orders. The drawers take out and have little brass-like manages. This is a sweet and little box.

This product will make a charming display for your jewelry and store products in your images. If you decide to utilize the box for this function, as a professional courtesy, please consist of a connect to my shop in your listing. Thank you.

Box determines roughly 2.5 inches in height, 1 7/8. inches large, and 1 6/8 inches deep.

Box print colors are blue, rust, gold, purple, brown, green, beige, and probably more.

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