Pickle Dilly Green Beans

Pickle Dilly Green Beans

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Servings: 3-4
  • About This Recipe

    “An adaptation of my memory of green beans served in a steak house in Omaha Nebraska. The owner’s daughter would only tell us that the secret to this sweet sour dish was something that most people throw away. Pictured here with No-Nonsense Chuck Eye steak #238451”


  • 1 (14 1/2 ounce) cans green beans
  • 1/2 cupsweet onion( roughly diced)
  • 2tablespoonscooking oil
  • 1tablespoonbutter
  • 1/4 cuppickle juice( liquid from a jar of pickles)
  • 1teaspoondried dill
  • 1teaspoonsugar(optional)
  • Directions

  • Add oil and butter to a large frying pan, heat until melted.
  • Add onion and saute until nearly transparent.
  • Add green beans, stirring until heated.
  • Add pickle juice and dill, stir to coat, and serve hot.
  • Depending on the pickle juice used, a little sugar might be needed if the dish is too sour for your taste.
  • Reviews

  • “These were good, they definitely had a different flavor than my normal grean beens which I season with onions, bacon and a little garlic.My husband and I both like them, but my husband couldn’t guess the secret ingredient, I finally had to tell him.I love the flavor of bacon in my green beans and I’m wondering what these green beans would taste like with bacon?I might just have to experiment! Thanks for sharing!”

  • “Bill I really enjoyed the unique flavor of these beans – imagine pickle juice! I had frozen beans so I steamed them and then followed your recipe omitting the sugar as I used sweet pickle jiice. Next time I will use canned beans because it is so simpleThanks Bill it’s a keeper”

  • “I love green beans anyway I can get them. DH on the other hand does not. Convinced him to try these and he actually liked them! Enough to go back for seconds. The recipe doesn’t say to or not but as I was cooking it only made sense to include the liquid from the can of beans. It worked well. I also added the optional sugar. Flavor was different but excellent! Had this with Brother William’s Solo Baked Chicken Breast (doubled) which we enjoyed also.”

  • “Loved these beans!!!We always have pickles at our house and I usually save the juice to marinate chicken breasts to grill…I had to try these beans since my BF is a pickle lover and has been known to sneak sips out of the jar!After bringing all the ingredients to a boil, I let them simmer gently while the rest of the dinner was cooking.The aroma was delicious and the end result was the same.You could not taste the pickle juice but just a nice tanginess…Thanks for sharing!!!”

  • “Really nice “bite” at the end of the flavor! I loved these. Thanks for a winner! Everyone, try these!”

  • “Bill, your green beans rock!I actually work with Bill, and he hands out his recipes like business cards!I was a little reluctant…pickle juice?I actually made this when I was at my sister’s over the holidays for Christmas Eve dinner.Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this dish…as there were no left-overs!!!I used dill pickle juice so I added a pinch of sugar to balance the sourness.No-one could guess the secret ingredient until I finally disclosed it and then it was like everyone had a collective “ahaaa” moment!Thanks again Bill!I’ll make these often!”

  • “Easy and delicious!”