Salmon Fillet

Salmon Fillet

  • Prep Time: 8 mins
  • Total Time: 23 mins
  • Serves: 4,Yield: 4-6 fillets
  • About This Recipe

    “A Recipe -Self created using a superb grilling fish(Scottish Salmon) with delicate spicing.”


  • 4salmon fillets, 300g each
  • 200gfreshly chopped tomatoes
  • 2tablespoonsground ginger
  • 1tablespoonground garlic
  • 1largeonion
  • 1teaspoonsalt
  • 2teaspoonsground black pepper
  • 1teaspoonolive oil
  • Directions

  • Pre-heat the Grill.
  • Wash the Salmon Fillet.
  • In the dish put together the:chopped Tomatoes,Ginger,Garlic,Onion,Salt and olive oil, then mix together.
  • Coat each Salmon Fillet with the mixed ingredients and wrap separately in Aluminium Foil.
  • Grill for 15 minutes.
  • Serve with Plain boiled Rice.
  • Reviews

  • “I think I will add a few more spices next time to “kick it up a notch”.Maybe a bit of dill.But it had a nice subtle flavor on it’s own.Salmon is one of my favorite fishes!Thanks for the recipe!”

  • “Love this recipe!It was great, nothing over powered another ingredient.”

  • “I really enjoyed this recipe, as did most of those that tried it.A bit peppery for some but really enjoyed the spices and peppers so I’ll try it again with a little less pepper.I was surprised that much ginger would not be overpowering in the final dish.”

  • “Excellent flavor & colorful appearance.I baked mine in a 375 oven for 15 minutes (it is way too cold to go outside to BBQ).The ginger gives an extra flavor boost – definitely a do again recipe”

  • “Thank you Marites Ladio for posting this quick and easy recipe.Did Big Kahuna in Alaska think he needed to answer you so nastily?We go to the fishmonger and ask for salmon, we don’t need a biology lesson to know it tastes good.He’ll be telling us next the Brussels Sprouts don’t come from Brussels!!Yes, Scottish SEA trout is often mistaken for salmon (most people would struggle to taste the difference) but Scotland does have the best salmon in world.Please look me up when you visit Scotland Big Kahuna.I’ll cook you a meal.”

  • “Not a fan of black pepper so I used less.This dish is delicious, easy to make and different than all the old salmon & dill recipes.”

  • “number one, a scottish salmon is not a salmon at all it is a trout, number two, the only superb grilling salmon would be a wild caught Alaskan salmon, with the essential oils and fattiness needed to grill a salmon, number three, why would you wash the fillet, do you bring home a nice steak from the store and wash it under running water?I am a commercial salmon fisherman from Alaska, and if your going to post recipes on salmon, please take the time to learn the difference in the types of meat and how to care for them.”

  • “This seemed like a great idea, but it was too bland for my taste.Also, the veggie topping did not cook in the same time as the salmon and I did not like the raw taste of them. Perhaps sauteeing them a little first would be better.I do like cooking the salmon in foil, though–makes it nice and moist.”

  • “Damn. I thought this was an awesome thing to do to salmon. I added a bit too much pepper for my taste, so I’d tone that down, but otherwise, this was pure genius.Per Mare, Per Terras”

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