Sea Glass Golden Brown Multi Pendant – sold without chain – E1196 – from Seaham, UK by peblsrock

22,00 USD

Seaglass pendant making up a stunning drop of sea glass from Seaham, fitted with sterling silver wire surround doned with a 3/16 & quot; & quot; loop. This piece is a delicate golden brown multi and a gorgeous example of a multi piece. The merest suggestion of a flash of colour in an otherwise frosted white piece is sensational in daylight and a gorgeous discussion piece.

The Candlish glass and bottle works at Seaham, England was the source of a lot of the glass found on the beaches listed below the factory website. Discarded, broken or listed below basic glass, at the end of each day, was dumped over the cliffs, where it lay for years until being dredged out in 1899-1905 when the harbour was significantly extended, The glass waste wound up being disposed simply North of the harbour where it started it’s slow return to the shore, considered by relentless Seaham waves, which resulted in it being tumbled, deteriorated and polished by the sea over numerous years.
In it’s day, the six bottle and glass homes formed the largest glass production center in Europe and exported across the world. Everything from decorative glass items to the modest beer bottle was made at these glasshouses, and the volume of production meant that the volume of waste was also high, causing Seaham and the adjacent beaches becoming a rich source of sea glass, even today, almost a hundred years considering that the factory was required to close due to shortages of raw materials.

More details on John Candlish can be found on his Wiki page, John_Candlish, and the glassworks can be seen in this fantastic archive,

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