Super Extra Large Sterling Silver Hammered Hoop Earrings by lazarusdesigns

80,00 USD What can I say … I like hoops! I love to wear them and I love making them. Here is another set of my & quot; & quot; conventional & quot; hoops: hammered, not precisely circular circles of fine silver with a brushed finish. Really, who can get enough of these?! This pair has three hoops in each set, and the external circle is quite darn huge (approximately 2 & quot; & quot; x 3 & quot;-RRB-. There is A LOT of silver in these earrings !! I’m telling you now – these hoops are not for pansies!:-RRB-
The overall length of each earring is 3 1/2 & quot;. The earwires are handmade of sterling silver.

PS … Due to the fact that I hammer the silver out to be quite thin, they are really NOT heavy at all. You can wear these earrings for a long period of time without getting & quot; & quot; lobe fatigue & quot;.:-RRB-))< a rel="nofollow" href=""> can purchase on Etsy for lazarusdesigns