Swedish Baked Potatoes (Hasselbackspotatis)

Swedish Baked Potatoes (Hasselbackspotatis)

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 1 hrs 15 mins
  • Servings: 8
  • About This Recipe

    “This is a great way to do potatoes. Excellent presentation. Goes well with any dish, meat or poultry”


  • 8mediumpotatoes, peeled
  • 1 1/2 ouncesbutter, melted
  • 3garlic cloves, crushed( mixed with the butter)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoonssalt
  • pepper
  • 1 1/2 ouncesparmesan cheese(optional)
  • 2tablespoonsfresh whole wheat bread crumbs
  • Directions

  • Cut the potatoes into thin slices 3/4 way through, leaving a small uncut portion of the potato (fan like).
  • Put half of the butter and garlic in an oven proof dish and place the potatoes in the dish.
  • Sprinkle with salt & pepper.
  • Drizzle with remaining butter and garlic.
  • Bake in 375°F oven (takes about and hour depending on the size of the potato).
  • Baste occasionally with the butter in the dish.
  • After 30 minutes sprinkle with the cheese and bread crumbs- do not baste after putting on the cheese and crumbs.
  • Finish baking until potatoes are done and golden.
  • Reviews

  • “I’m re-reviewing these tonight. They were great. I omitted the cheese and just used the breadcrumbs (lots of cheese in 2 other dishes) they worked better this time than last and really were delicious. Still loved the garlic in them Bergy and now problems with the topping this time although I didn’t use the cheese. Here’s the original 4 star review….These were good, but most of the topping ended up on the bottom of the dish. Next time, I will omit the breadcrumbs, so there is a stronger parmesan flavour from what does stay on the top of the spud. I make these occasionally, but have never put garlic in them before-loved that! Thanks Bergy for another useful recipe. “

  • “Based on Jan S’s recommendation, I omitted the breadcrumbs.The potatoes were good, but for some reason they tasted so much more flavorful the second day reheated in the microwave.They were a great complement to sausage and sauerkraut!”

  • “Not the best potato recipe I ever had but was good. 4 Stars for me.”

  • “These were very good butI wish I had not added the bread crumbs. We ate them with a chicken for a nice light meal. I liked the parmesan cheese in them and will use that again. Also nice with the garlic – very nice recipe, thanks.”

  • “We decided to do a different Christmas dinner this year and went with a Swedish theme. These were certainly the silent hit of the meal. I was just looking for a simple side potato recipe but these went over SOO well. I set the oven to broil about five minutes right at the end to get them nice and brown and they looked beautiful. There were absolutely no leftovers from a large crowd. Thanks for a GREAT potato recipe.”