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Wondering which type of tree to bring home this holiday season? Here are some tips! 

It’s early morning. Moody fog sneaks around the evergreen. I breathe in pine, and touch the crisp frost dusted along dark green needles. My toes are near freezing, and I’m bundled up in too many layers to count, but all I can think is, “I love this, I love this, I love this.”

I found the one.

I guess you could call me an elf, of sorts. Most people do, especially this time of the year (though I’ve heard it the remaining 11 months, as well). I take festivity seriously. Like, when it’s time to pick out the tree, I’m not messing around. It’s my moment. I’m excited.

Finding the perfect tree can be the easiest process in the world or very, very hard, if you’re anything like me…wanting to know sizes, smells, colors, etc.
Until now. Meet my new holiday best friend. I’ve been up breaking down the trees for you, creating a guide to find your the tree of all trees.

Holiday tree picking is extremely personal. The guide is curated with a few of my favorite trees, along with a few fun facts and details about each. Along with the guide, here are some tips to consider before choosing “the one”:

– Whether you are chopping down your own, or buying one from your local nursery, it all begins the same way: size. First, figure out how high and wide you can go.
– What’s the climate of your home? Dry or moist? Some needles dry out quicker than others, so keep that in mind. You want to make sure it lasts through the holidays.
– Decide what is important to you. Is it thickness? Color?
– Ask for help. And inquire about the variety of trees your vendor caries. You may like the looks of one tree, and not know that it may only last a short while, or may not have strong enough needles to carry garland. These are good questions to ask.
– HAVE FUN. Breathe in that woodsy air.

So what are you? A Douglas Fir? Or are you a White Pine? For me, it’s all about structure and scent. I want my house to smell like a forest, with that deep, thick evergreen pulling through. My needles need to be sturdy, because I plan on lighting it up with 800+ lights. So by the looks of my guide, I’m a Fraser Fir kind of girl.

+What tree are you choosing this year? Let me know in the comments!

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Tree Talk
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