Viking Green Shaving Set by PotteryOnEtsy

24,90 USD< p class=" description "> Stoneware shaving mug gift set all set to ship. Examine the shaving brush manage for the Viking Ship information!
Teen, grandfather, dad, boyfriend, cowboys, and even partners.
< br/ > I tossed the mug on the wheel and formed the brush manage by hand. They have actually both been fired two times in my kiln to stoneware temperatures

Fantastic value, compare to Unusual Item where I when sold:! Http:// -mens-shaving-set

< br/ > This is a complete set it consists of an artificial bristle brush with a hand made deal with that matches the mug.

< br/ > Badger brush alternative available.

One stop present for the man in your life. Especially those difficult to purchase for men.

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