YES Band Record Bowl Made From Vinyl Album by CraftySueShop

14,00 USD

YES Band Record Bowl Made From Vinyl Cd
Rick Wakeman, Jon Anderson

I love vinyl record albums, so when they'' re scratched or distorted beyond useful life I prefer to repurpose them in a various functional form. I make distinct snack bowls from well-loved but not playable LPs. This bowl was used a warped copy of the cd “”Tales From Topographic Oceans” “by progressive rock band YES. It showcases the popular YES logo design and Roger Dean artwork on the label. The bowl measures approximately 8-3/4 inches in diameter and 3-1/2 inches deep.

— Use it as a candy meal, chip meal or treat bowl
— Shop small workplace products in it on your desk
— Keep it in your craft room or workshop as a supply catch-all
— Hold your cellular phone, charger and accessories in it
— Produce an unique present basket by filling it with goodies and wrapping it in cellophane with a good ribbon. It makes an unique gift for a YES fan or anyone who likes progressive rock music.Labels on both

sides are laminated to prevent spots and keep crumbs from falling through the hole. With a record bowl you get a real conversation piece while helping the environment by recycling!Bowl must be cleaned with a moist sponge(it ' s very well to keep it far from the dishwasher and the microwave, or you may end up with a piece of modern art!) Not for use with liquids, wet foods or hot foods.Many other artists and bands are readily available; call me to see if I have your favorite. Please visit my purchase more unique music associated presents! Можно приобрести на Etsy за CraftySueShop

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